SA Popo//Dev is a go!

Keycap designs! My first set design is live in the waitlist sign up on Kono Store! Be sure to check it out and sign up if you’re interested.

Keycap Designs!

Too much time in KLE? I’ll admit, I’ve been spending a lot of time playing around with Pantone colors in KLE. It started trying to find a perfect layout, but […]

UT47 Build

The Kit My UT47 kit arrived from keyhive last weekend. I’ve been working on building it all week, along with other projects, as I was missing a few springs in […]

Novelkeys x Kailh Box Royal

I like big bumps and I cannot lie! Aside from a low pro burnt orange, right now the only switches I’m interested in using in a build are Zealios, MX […]