Having been really into StarCraft II at the time and struggling with the switch from my AMJ40 back to my MagicForce 68 for gaming (I couldn’t type very quickly), I decided to invest in a Maxipad. While the name confuses and bewilders everyone who hears it, the board is solid for gaming. I missed the original group buy, so I ended up purchasing a half Nyquist kit PCB and PCB plate/case.

The board was built with Kailh x Novelkeys Heavy Speed Burnt Orange switches. They were lubed with Krytox 206 and the far left column was modded with lighter 68g springs for my poor, weak pinky. I also added a WS2812 strip for underglow, but it didn’t turn out great due to the massive wires. I did eventually redo the RGB with AWG30 and 7 LEDs, then put it up on Mech Market. In truth, I’ve hardly gamed since selling it. Whoops.