This is my first ever handwired keyboard, technically the first board I’ve ever actually built — unless you count the Christmas Tree macropad — built by me and designed by u/That-Canadian, SpaceCat ( and ChillCaps ( that I built as an ornament for my roommate. In hindsight, I very much regret not doing a buildlog of this. Thanks to Cribbit on GeekHack for his awesome hand wiring guide, as I never would have done things so cleanly without it!

I gifted this one to a friend as a macropad for use with Blender.

Outemu Purple with 80g springs, Krytox 206 lubed. I ended up hot gluing the pro micro to the bottom PCB, then later wired  5 RGB LEDs and a Kailh Low Profile Navy switch to the pro micro for a reset button. This was made as a macropad for a friend to use with Blender and/or Fruity Loops. I have yet to see him to give it to him.